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Adidas Island Series: includes the Samoa, Hawaii and Tahiti sneakers (1982)

In the 1980's Adidas released two popular shoes collections: 1) Island Series; 2) City Series. The Island Series is probably the less well known of the two series, but the shoes are still periodically released by Adidas. The Island Series features shoes named after islands found in the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Adidas released twenty shoes in the Island Series, and includes the following shoes: Azzurro, Cancun, Jamaica, Trinidad, Samoa, Java, Bornea, Bali, Hawaii, and Tahiti.

The last release of Adidas Island Series sneakers was in 2015: when Adidas released versions of the Samoa, Hawaii, and Tahiti models in the following colourways: Samoa (dark red / white / gum); Hawaii (brown / dark brown / gum); Tahiti (blue / dark blue / blue). The Adidas Samoa was released on the 18th of April, the Adidas Hawaii was released on the 9th of May, and the Adidas Tahiti was released on the 16th of May. The shoes can be viewed in the below images; the picture of the Adidas Samoa is not the dark red model released in April.

Samoa shoe in white, black, in a leather upper.Adidas Samoa

Hawaii shoe in a suede brown leather upper. Adidas Hawaii

Tahiti shoe in a light bluw suede to represent the south Pacific ocean. Adidas Tahiti

The Island Series were not designed as sportswear sneakers, but were a part of a new fashionwear / streetwear collection. Adidas sneakers were especially popular with the 1980's casual / mod subcultures in Europe, and the Island Series shoes were designed to appeal to this youth demographic. The majority of the Island Series adhered to the same design - with slight modifications - and all featured: suede upper, zigzag Three-Stripes and a rubber cupsole. Some versions of the Island Series, like the Samoa, have been released with an all leather upper. Due to the Island Series being streetwear, the shoes feature little in the way of cushioning and foot support.