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  Q: What's the purpose of a shoe insert?

  A: updated (13/02/2012)

The shoe insert is a object which forms an integral part of orthotics - specifically pedorthics - which helps solve foot problems. Shoe insert vary in their design, and can solve different issues. Firstly, a shoe insert can help to increase arch support; the arch of the foot - which is easily viewed by looking underneath your foot in the middle - can collapse and means the foot is not aligned with the ankle, the result being pain. This increased arch support helps to increase instep comfort. Shoe inserts can help solve pronation, which is another problem which results from a lack of arch support: where the bone of the heel angles inward. Shoe inserts also help provide cushioning for the foot, and specifically the heel. The main purpose of a shoe insert is to help straighten and align the foot correctly with the ankle, and this inturn can help solve lower limb issues such as shin splints and achilles tendinitis


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