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  Q: What's the difference between Hi-top and Mid-top sneakers?

  A: updated (29/02/2012)

There is a subtle difference in the height of the Hi-top and Mid-top sneakers. Both sneakers cover the ankle, but the Hi-top reaches higher and begins to cover the lower leg. The difference between the two is more easily highlighted by the pictures provided below. The images below show a marked difference between a Hi-top and a Mid-top, but sometimes it is hard to judge which category some ankle high sneakers fit into.

Both Mid-top's and Hi-top's are used for sports - primarily Basketball - there is no notable difference in price or availability between the two styles. When it comes to retro trainers, the Hi-top is usually found in a 70's style, whereas the Mid-top is usually found in a 80's style: these being the decades when each design was more prominent.


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