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Adidas heel tab / patch

The traditional 'classic' Adidas sneaker design features a heel tab / patch; shown below in a range of configurations.

Heel patch with a trefoil logo and also 'rod laver' text as the shoe is endorsed by that tennis player. Gazelle heel patch with a trefoil logo printed onto it. Plain heel patch on an Adidas shoe with no logo or text.

The heel tab dates back to the 1950's, Adidas were founded in 1949 and the heel tab was already a feature of early Adidas shoes; like the Adidas Samba. The early heel tabs were plain (shown far right, above) because Adidas did not create a logo until 1971. Adidas became the victim of counterfeit shoes in the late 1960's, and to combat these shoes, Adidas produced a trademarked logo: the Trefoil logo, shown above left. The design of these heel tabs, while not being identical, have a similarity. Virtually every heritage Adidas shoe features a heel tab, but modern Adidas shoes do not feature a heel tab to the same regularity - the Trefoil logo has been discontinued and is only used on heritage products.