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Heel pull: feature to easily pickup Adidas shoes

A 'heel pull' is a new design feature found on Adidas shoes; to date, it has always been placed at the highest point of an Adidas shoe's rear; opposite the tongue.

Showing a heel pull on an Adidas shoe, the heel pull is a black fabric that is stitched onto the upper. Another heel pull, in a redish pink colour, that has text stitched into the fabric of the heel pull.

The rear section of Adidas heritage shoes - part of the Originals collection - tend to have a 'heel patch' overlay placed at the location that heel pull's are now located. Heel patch overlays currently appear to be 'out of vogue' with the fashion designer employed by Adidas, and the heel pull has now become it's replacement. Modern Adidas shoes tend to be made from lightweight fabrics, instead of leather, and it is far easier to pickup a shoe that is made from fabric rather than leather. As the above images show, the heel pull is stitched onto the shoe's upper in a range of configurations, and some heel pull's are more elaborate; featuring text and icons stitched into the material. The heel pull is obviously not a feature exclusively used by Adidas; it can be find in countless other branded and non-branded footwear. The practicality of a heel pull is obvious: the owner can easily pick up a shoe without getting their hand dirty by touching the sweating inner lining of the shoe or the muck located on the outersole of the shoe.