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Gym sacks, are they made by Adidas?

Yes they are: shown in the below images in two different designs.

Everyday 3 Stripe Gym Sack: large compartment with dual draw cord. adidas 3 Stripes Performance Gymbag: 100% durable and fast drying polyester.

Gym sacks are inexpensive, costing in the region of £10-£20, which is due to the simplicity of the item: a single piece of material that is enclosed with dual draw cords. Gym sacks are minimalist: typically featuring just one compartment - although some feature an extra pocket on the front - that is a single piece of fabric enclosed with stitching on the bottom and side, and a draw cord/string on the tope to enclose and open the sack. Adidas gym sacks are usually made from polyester: a manmade fiber that is durable, waterproof, lightweight and cheap. Gym sacks provide enough storage for a change of clothes, a drink, fruit or energy bar; ideal for taking to the gym.