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Golden tongue graphic on Adidas shoes

The vast majority of Adidas shoes, and especially heritage shoes like the Adidas Superstar, feature a graphic on the tongue of the shoe. The majority of these graphics / badges are coloured matched to the upper of the shoe, but, a minority feature a golden coloured (gold foil) tongue.

Golden and black branding on the tongue of the Superstar sneaker with a white leather upper. Gold Adidas lettering with the text La marque aux 3 bandes printing under the adidas text on the shoe.

Gazelle sneaker, in a black suede upper, with a black badge on the text with gold borders, text and trefoil logo.

The two shoes shown above are examples of golden tongue graphics / badges; featured on the Adidas Superstar and the Adidas Gazelle. As you can see, the graphic is configured differently on each shoe. Some special edition Adidas shoes do come with gold branding, but gold branding is not indicative of a special edition shoe, neither does the gold branding on the tongue of Adidas shoes increase the price of the shoe (the exception being the Stan Smith Gold Leaf, which uses 24-karat gold leaf instead of gold foil).