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  Q: Is the Puma Gamepoint a tennis shoe?

  A: updated (14/03/2012)

Yes it is: the Gamepoint/Game Point shoe was developed by Puma for tennis, as well other hard court sports such as Squash and Badminton. The Gamepoint shoe is now viewed/categorised as a "retro" shoe, as it dates back to the period of the 1970-80's. Alongside the Adidas Stan Smith, the Puma Gamepoint became more than just a tennis shoe in the 1980's: part and parcel of the "casual" youth movement, it was viewed more as a fashion accessory than a practical sports shoe.

The height of it's popularity was the 1980's; by the 1990's the Gamepoint had become somewhat redundant as a fashion icon or for practical purposes. As the 1990's subsided however, it gave way to an interest in "retro" shoes of yesteryear, which were more about simplistic but stylish design, rather than the overly technological and patterned designs of the 1990's.


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