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  Q: Are there any general fitting tips I should know of?

  A: updated (02/02/2012)

- Feet tend to expand over the course of a day so it's better to try on shoes in the late afternoon and evening. A tight fitting shoe in the morning can become uncomfortable as the day wears on. Especially if your job or daily activity involves alot of walking or standing.

- You should also make sure your big toe has around half an inch or a thumb width of space. Otherwise your toes will rub against the material and this will create discomfort and blisters. Just make sure you can extend your toes and wiggle them when trying your shoes on. Another way to make sure your toes have enough room is to follow these instructions. Put on your shoe, do not tie the laces up, tap the toe of the shoe on the ground, if you can just fit a finger behind your heel your shoe should fit correctly.

- Make sure your wearing your usual pair of socks and not thick hiking socks.

- The major problem with getting hooked up on size numbers is that the manufacturers do not stick to exacting regulations. For example a size nine Puma trainer can be half a size larger than a size nine Adidas trainer. That's why buying online is such a lottery.

- Make sure you take any insole supports into the shop with you. Likewise for any other orthotics. For recommended partners search the BFA - British Footwear Association.


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