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Adidas Firebird: men's and ladies tracksuit jacket and pants

The Adidas Firebird is a tracksuit - that features a jacket and pants - that is Adidas' first ever piece of apparel. Adidas only manufactured footwear from 1949-1966, but in 1967 they 'branched' out into clothing: releasing their first ever tracksuit (pictured below right) that was eventually named the Firebird tracksuit.

The firebird tracksuit for men, in a traditional black and white colourway. Close up of the trefoil logo on the tracksuit jacket of a ladies top. The original version of the firebird tracksuit, released in 1967.

While the design of the tracksuit has largely remained the same since 1967, some minor cosmetic changes have been made. In 1967 the trefoil logo did not exist, therefore the original tracksuit did not feature this logo on either the front or back of the jacket. The images above also highlight that the trefoil logo has been printed on the Firebird jacket differently: with or without 'adidas' text under the logo. Some versions of the Firebird tracksuit also have a large trefoil logo printed on the back of the jacket. The design features that have remained the same since 1967 are: two front jacket zip pockets; two pockets on the pants; full zip on the front of the jacket; 'stand-up' collar; 'ribbed' cuffs; 'ribbed' hem; and 3-Stripes on the sleeves and legs of the jacket and pants.