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Fibonacci spiral tread pattern outsole for ultimate grip on court (adidas)

The Fibonacci spiral is a geometric pattern that is based upon the Fibonacci sequence: an integer sequence that was developed by an Italian mathematician named Leonardo of Pisa; also known as Fibonacci.

Integer sequence, called the Fibonacci sequence, developed by an Italian mathematician, it was also mentioned in Indian mathematics due to it's mention in a Sanskrit prosody Basketball sneaker rubber outsole inspired by the geometric Fibonacci spiral that is based on a number sequence.

Adidas have created a rubber outsole (shown above) that is inspired by the Fibonacci spiral; by saying 'inspired' Adidas are probably indicating that the outsole's tread pattern is not an exact replication of the Fibonacci spiral. The Fibonacci inspired outsole tread has been implemented into the Adidas Harden Vol. 1: a basketball shoe that is endorsed by James Harden and currently costs in the region of £125.