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What fabrics are used to make Adidas footwear?

That's a fairly easy question to answer when it relates to heritage products: which tend to use either leather, suede, nubuck or nylon / suede overlays (running shoes) for the shoe's upper, EVA foam (polymer) for the midsole (if it has one), rubber for the outsole and toeguard, and cotton fabric for the inner lining. It becomes more difficult to answer what materials / fabrics Adidas use when it relates to modern Adidas footwear, which are using a range of unique trademarked fabrics like Climalite and midsole foams like Cloudfoam. Adidas has recently made a sneaker from reclaimed ocean waste (plastics). That said, modern Adidas shoes tend to be made from rubber (outsole), polymer foams (midsole) and mesh breathable fabrics (upper).