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Do Adidas make eye glasses or sunglasses?

Adidas make frames for prescription eye glasses and sunglasses, and they also make standard sunglasses that do not require a prescription. The official Adidas webstore in the UK ( only sells standard sunglasses that do not require a prescription. While prescription eye glasses and sunglasses are sold online - without the need to visit an optician, but requiring the results of an eye test - it would appear that Adidas are not interested in producing prescription lenses: an online business that is beset with issues: due to the difficulty of measuring the pupil distance (PD) at home.

Eye glasses frame, for a prescription lens, it's an originals frame, with a trefoil logo on the frame.

Adidas eye glasses and sunglasses have two categories: Originals and Performance. Adidas Originals products have a heritage / classic design, whereas Adidas Performance products have a functional / modern design. Adidas Originals products are identified by the trefoil logo (shown on the above product), and Adidas Performance products, you've guessed it, are identified by the performance logo (a three step triangle logo).

Adidas sunglasses that come with standard Adidas lenses (that do not require prescription lenses) have a variety of options: different lens colours; lenses with a full tint; a smoked tint; mirrored reflection; and usually come with a strong protection against UV rays. The frames of Adidas eyewear are made from different materials: the two most common of which are polymer (plastic) and metal.