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Q: Who is on the Adidas executive board

AThe current Adidas Group (AG) executive board is comprised of the following members:

Herbert Hainer is the long serving CEO of Adidas, and replaced Robert Louis-Dreyfus in 2002. While Herbert Hainer is the CEO of Adidas, that is not his only role at Adidas: he is also responsible for operating the 'affairs' of the company in North America; the single largest market for Adidas. Adidas is a German company, and remains located in the same small German town it was founded, but the current executive board highlights the multinational nature of the company: Glenn Bennett and Eric Liedtke are American and Robin Stalker is a New Zealander. The Adidas Group (AG) executive board expanded from four to five members in 2013 with the addition of Roland Auschel. Michael Stanier and Harm Ohlmeyer, Chief Sales Officer Consumer Direct and Chief eCommerce Officer respectively, report directly to Roland Auschel, and represent a reconfiguration of the local sales, regional sales and global sales.