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Q: Adidas wins an EU trademark 'battle' for it's 'three stripes' design

AAdidas has won an EU trademark 'battle' against the Belgium shoe maker Shoe Branding Europe. In 2009, Shoe Branding Europe was awarded a trademark registration for the following 'two stripe' design:

Shoe Branding Europe two stripe design that won a trademark award from the EU in 2009.

The similarity between Shoe Branding Europe's 'two stripe' design and Adidas' 'three stripe' design prompted the German sportswear manufacturer to appeal the decision to award Shoe Branding Europe a trademark. In 2015, the General Court of the European Union agreed with Adidas and removed the trademark granted to Shoe Brand Europe: the court found that the EU trademark authority had not properly compared the two designs when awarding the trademark. The General Court of the European Union decision was appealed by Shoe Branding Europe and on the 24th of February, 2016, the European Court of Justice announced it's decision: upholding the decision made by the General Court of the European Union and favoring Adidas it's in ruling. The result is that Adidas has won the trademark 'battle' and will retain the right to solely use it's 'stripe' design in the 28 member-bloc of the European Union.