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Q: Adidas online orders: what emails do they send as confirmation?

A Orders can be placed directly from Adidas at the following website in the United Kingdom: When placing an order with Adidas they will send five different types of emails - according to their current 'terms of use'. The first three emails are related to the order and it's shipping, and the final two email messages are related to the returning of an order. If you receive another type of email message from Adidas - related to your order - the likelihood is it is not genuine and is instead a 'phishing' email from a scammer; phishing is where scammers purport to be sending a message from a genuine source and ask for payment or security details due to a security 'issue' at the company. Of course, no such security issue exists, and the email is just an attempt at identity theft. The following email messages are sent from

  1. Order received: (gives an overview of the order placed)
  2. Order shipped: (sent once the order has left the Adidas warehouse)
  3. Invoice: (self explanatory)
  4. Order returned: (will be sent once they receive your returned order)
  5. Cancellation: (self explanatory)