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  Q: The difference between Nubuck and Suede?

  A: updated (04/04/2012)

The difference is in the manufacturing process: Nubuck is created by a process of brushing/sanding the outside of leather to roughen the surface; Suede on the other hand, is where the inside of the leather is brushed/sanded. The result of which is that Nubuck is tougher and more resilient to stains and scuffs. Nubuck is usually more expensive to produce than Suede, but it should last longer. On looks alone, you may find it difficult to differentiate between the two materials. You may also be wondering what animals are Nubuck and Suede made from: generally it is the hide of a sheep/lamb, cow/calf, goat, or deer. When maintaining suede and nubuck, it is important to pick the correct brush for each; because nubuck is a more harder material, a nubuck brush could damage suede, and a suede brush may have little effect on nubuck.


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