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Q: Debit cards: are they a payment option at

A Yes they do. is an online webstore that is owned and managed by a subsidiary company of the Adidas Group. Therefore, you are purchasing products direct from Adidas, and the only products the webstore sells is Adidas branded goods. Payment for goods is only transacted online and through digital payment options; one of these payment options is a debit card. currently three different types of debit card; listed below:

  1. Maestro: released in 1992 and it is owned by MasterCard.
  2. Solo: sister card of Switch, which was launched in 1987 by the NatWest bank.
  3. Visa: the first Visa debit card was released Barclays bank in 1987

Debit cards, like Solo, require authorisation from the issuing bank - HSBC, Natwest, Barclays, RBS etc - before they will process the transaction. Therefore, the cardholder will need sufficient cleared funds in the cardholder's bank account for a payment to be successful. This is in contrast to a credit card: which will allow transactions to be processed as long as the card's limit has not be maxed.