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Q: Can customised Adidas products be returned for a refund?

A No they cannot, except if the customised product has a defect. The Terms and Conditions of the Adidas webstore ( state that: "Customised Products (including Mi adidas products) are created just for you, we do not accept returns of Customised Products except for manufacturing defects." Customised Adidas products are standard products - like the Adidas Stan Smith sneaker - which can be designed in a unique colour scheme. Because Adidas cannot market and resell a customised product, this is the reason why they cannot offer a refund if a consumer does not like the outcome of the customisation. The Adidas UK webstore is governed by the consumer laws of Holland; that is where the Adidas company that operates the website is based. The consumer laws of most European countries allow for a 'cooling off' period where consumers can return a product for a full refund; but, this 'cooling off' period is usually null and void if the consumer has placed an order to specific customised / modified requirements. Standard Adidas products can be returned for a full refund - it is only customised products which cannot be returned - within 100 days; as long as the product is in a condition that is deemed good enough after inspection.