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Q: Do Adidas have stores on every continent: Europe, Africa, Asia, America?

A Yes they do. Adidas were struggling in the early 1990's and were nearly bankrupted by owner Bernard Tapie. Since 1993, with the removal of Bernard Tapie as CEO, Adidas' fortunes have steadily improved; due to the management of the company by CEO's Robert Louis-Dreyfus and Herbert Hainer. One of the things that both CEO's oversaw was the creation of company owned Adidas stores; before 1993 they did not exist. This meant Adidas could sell direct to the consumer and in an environment they had full control over. To date, Adidas have created the following types of stores: Adidas (General) Stores; Outlet Stores; Kids Stores; NEO Stores; Y-3 Stores; Stealla Stores; Originals Stores, and Basketball Stores. By far the most common types of store are: General, Outlet and Originals. Adidas began opening stores in the late 1990's and originally in their most lucrative regions: North America, Western Europe and Japan. However, due to the success of these stores, Adidas were quick to expand and have now opened stores on every continent (except Antarctica of course): Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, and Australia. The continent with the least amount of stores - in comparison to it's population and land mass - is Africa; with the majority of it's stores located in South Africa.