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Q: Adidas 1: did it feature a computer?

AYes it did, and it was the second Adidas sneaker to feature a computer / microprocessor. The first Adidas sneaker to feature a computer was the Micropacer, originally released in 1984, and occasionally re-released as part of the Originals collection. The Adidas 1 was released in 2005, and was obviously viewed as a 'big deal' by Adidas, because they released a website - - dedicated to the sneaker (shown below).

The Adidas 1: the second sneaker made by the company that contained a computer (microprocessor). Shows the plus and minus buttons on the Adidas 1, which controls the microprocessor computer in the shoe.

The Adidas 1 not only featured a computer but a motor; pictured in the heel of the picture (shown above). The computer of the Adidas 1 would track running / walking data and alter the heel compression of the shoe to meet the needs of the user. Even though the Adidas 1 was in development for nearly four years - before it was released in early 2005 - it was beset by troubles and many users returned the shoe to Adidas for repairs. Even though Adidas released updates for the sneaker, and a basketball mid-top version of it, the expense of the shoe - it cost in the region of £200 - meant it never achieved mass market appeal. That said, Adidas have recently purchased Runtastic - a manufacturer of mobile running apps and devices - and it appears that Adidas still harbour hopes of producing a commercially successful running shoe featuring a computer.