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  Q: What accessories does a cobbler sell?

  A: updated (11/04/2012)

Bare in mind that the primary role of a cobbler is that of a service - repairing shoes - rather than as a retailer; you should expect a cobbler to stock,

  1. Laces.
  2. Shoe polish and creams.
  3. Polish applicator brushes and shine brushes.
  4. Deodorant sprays and odor combating products.
  5. Metal segs to protect against the erosion of heels and sole's.
  6. Shoe horns, trees and stretchers.
  7. Insoles.

Cobbler's are usually located in small premises, so the stock they offer tends to be limited. On the whole, you can find a larger selection of the above at shoe shops or dedicated online shoe accessory retailers.


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