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Adidas City Series: range of sneakers released in 1982

The Adidas City Series is a range of sneakers released in 1982. The City Series are an iconic range of sneakers, named after European cities, that are still being reissued as part of the Adidas' originals range. The City Series was not designed for athletic or sporting use, but was designed for casual and fashion wear. The City Series has a slimline and stylish design, and were immediately popular with 'casuals' and 'dressers'.

The City Series was released at the height of the 'casual scene' in the UK, and the shoes have remained popular with modern day 'mods' and 'casuals'. The City Series shoes have been featured in movies made about football hooligans and casuals; such as: Green Street; Cass; Awaydays; The Firm (2009); and The Football Factory. Some of the most popular City Series shoes are listed below - the majority being named after European capital cities:

  1. Adidas Amsterdam
  2. Adidas Berlin
  3. Adidas Koln
  4. Adidas London
  5. Adidas Athen
  6. Adidas Belfast
  7. Adidas Bern
  8. Adidas Brussel
  9. Adidas Dublin
  10. Adidas Hamburg
  11. Adidas Rivera
  12. Adidas Stockholm
  13. Adidas Milano
  14. Adidas Malmo

While the City Series shoes retain a similar design, there are slight design differences and characteristics in each shoe: usually in relation to the outersole and sole traction design. You can view the differences in the following pictures of City Series sneakers:

Berlin shoe in navy and white Berlin Koln shoe in light blue and white Koln London sneaker in purple and light blue stripes London

Athen sneaker in sky blue and white Athen Hamburg sneaker in white stripes and in dark blue suede upper Hamburg

Malmo trainer in dark yellow suede upper and blue stripes Malmo London shoe in slime green and lime green stripes and waffle tongue London

The City Series are not continuously manufactured, but are reissued as a limited edition; which makes the shoes highly sort after. While the City Series shoes have an iconic colourway - such as the Stockholm in yellow/blue and the London in dark red/black - they are released in a variety of colourways for each shoe. This gives Adidas the ability to release the City Series in countless limited edition, and keep their desirability at it's zenith. Traditionally the City Series sneakers are released with: Adidas 3 Sripe branding; Trefoil logo printed on the tongue and heel patch; Low profile upper; and a Gum sole unit. Some versions of the shoe feature a 'waffle' tongue.