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Why do Adidas name their shoes after capital cities?

That is a difficult question to answer: while I can speculate as to why Adidas named shoes after cities, there will be no definitive answer. Adidas began naming some of their shoes with city names when the City Series was launched in 1982. The City Series tended to name shoes after European capital cities, such as: London, Rome, Dublin and Amsterdam. The City Series also includes shoes named after large cities, which are not capital cities: like Hamburg and Milan; but these cities are regional capital cities, and were capital cities in the past, before the reunification of Germany and Italy. Adidas have recently released new additions to the City Series: the Adidas Moscow and Adidas St. Petersburg; Russia becoming an increasingly important growing market for Adidas. Adidas have also named limited edition shoes after smaller regional towns/villages/areas: Adidas Stretford and Adidas Ashington (in honour of a football stand named after the Stretford area of Manchester and in honour of the village Bobby Charlton was born). As to why Adidas have decided to do this? it's difficult to get a concrete answer because so much time has passed since the City Series was launched, and the decision makers in that era are probably retired. As an east European sayings goes, "if you don't know why something happened it's usually money", when the Adidas Stretford was launched it had Manchester United fans queuing up overnight to buy a pair, while this shoe was a limited edition, it does highlight that when customers have a close association with the product it becomes more desirable. Likewise, naming a shoe after a customers local or capital city will probably generate desirability, demand and increased sales.