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Q: Adidas AG to expand it's Chinese stores to 12,000

A Adidas AG has announced plans to expand the amount of it's Chinese stores from 9,000 to 12,000. The building of 3,000 new stores should be concluded by 2020. Colin Currie, head of Adidas China, said that Adidas wanted to capitalise on the Chinese governments 'drive' to increase participation and interest in sports and athletics. The Chinese government made participation in football compulsory in schools in 2015. Adidas plan to open stores in smaller Chinese cities and towns, and Colin Currie said that Adidas are: "cautiously optimistic, we're far more on the optimistic side, as China is now the fastest-growing global market for Adidas". Sales for some western companies, like KFC, have fallen in China - amid a slowing Chinese economy - but Adidas has bucked this trend and continues to see a 15% quarterly sales growth in 2015. Analysts have indicated that Nike and Adidas are the two leading sportswear brands in China, with a market share of around 15-20% each. The growing middle class in China, interest in sport since the Beijing Olympics, and participation in sports by women and girls, has made China fertile ground for Adidas to expand into.