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Q: Chelsea FC pay to end Adidas kit deal

A Chelsea football club has agreed to pay an unclosed fee to end their Adidas kit deal early. Chelsea FC signed a £300m kit deal with Adidas in 2013: the deal was for ten years and at the time it was the highest yearly kit manufacturing deal signed between a football club and a kit manufacturer. However, the kit deal was soon dwarfed when Adidas signed lucrative ten year kit manufacturing deals with FC Bayern Munich and Manchester United; the Manchester United kit deal was a 10 year £750million deal and the largest signed by 2015. Chelsea have stated that their have agreed to a new kit deal with a rival of Adidas - most likely Nike or Puma. Chelsea FC will continue to wear an Adidas kit for the 2016-2017 season; the Adidas Group will receive a one-off payment from Chelsea FC to end the kit deal in 2017. While Chelsea's new kit deal is logically expected to exceed that of their current deal - why else would they cancel their current deal - it is not expected to rival that of Real Madrid's rumoured new £1billion 10 year kit deal with Adidas.