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  Q: Could you name some makes of canvas sneakers?

  A: updated (16/04/2012)

The vast majority of trainers are probably a combination of a canvas upper and a rubber sole: therefore, you do not need to look very far. However, some brands focus more heavily upon canvas/fabric: notable converse and vans. The canvas sneaker tends to adhere to the boating / beach / deck shoe style; the most prominent of which is the Converse All Star and the Vans Era.

The two shoe's above have an extensive history; both are considered style icons - sneaker classics - and have been manufactured - unaltered in design - for over 30 years. Due to the current popularity of these shoes, many other fashion brands have attempted to cash in - such as Ralph Lauren. Ultimately, virtually every major sneaker brand has attempted to produce a canvas deck shoe, so you shouldn't have much of a problem locating what you are after.


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