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  Q: Have you any footwear buying tips?

  A: updated (02/02/2012)

The most important part of buying any shoe is making sure they fit. With leather shoes you can sometimes be mislead. Leather will stretch and adjust to the size of your foot. Therefore if you buy a pair of shoes which are too tight the shoes over time will lose their shape and look unattractive. Therefore it's important the shoe fits perfectly, so take your time and do not rush your decision if your uncertain. Next the price, I believe firmly that you always pay for what you get. A bargain is great, but make sure it's a genuine bargain. Typically a good pair of leather shoes will start at £100. What you will get is shoes with a longer lifespan. If maintained it's not unheard of for quality shoes to last over twenty years. If your buying shoes specifically for evening wear then buy a slightly larger size than you would have for daytime use. Your feet swell during the day.


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