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  Q: What style of shoe is a brogue?

  A: updated (02/02/2012)

Is a formal leather shoes decorated with bold punched holes in the leather. Also features considerable gimping.

Some other popular styles of footwear include,

Ankle Strap

A female style of high heeled shoe, the name tells you all you need to know.


This is where the upper covers the ankle.

Cap toes

A fancy version of an oxford shoe, they include an extra band of leather for the toe section.


Has a flat sole, usually no fastening like laces or Velcro straps.


Carved from wood, rarely used in modern circumstances unless it's a stylized clog made from leather.


Spanish shoe woven from fabrics, and a sole from rope or similar style fabric.

Flip Flops

A sandal with a distinctive v-shaped strap.

Gibson (Derby)

Formal style of shoes, usually made of leather, only include 2-3 eyelet lace sockets.


A slip-on shoe, sometimes has a decorative tassel on top, and sometimes styled like moccasins.

Mary Jane

Female shoe which always features a distinctive strap across the middle.


Styled from native American footwear, includes a seam running around the top of the upper.


Formal style of shoe that features a buckle instead of laces.


Slip on shoe which is commonly used for slippers and sandals. Toes are sometimes exposed.


Features a V shaped upper design, five eyelets and a cap for the toe.

Peep Toes

As the name suggest, the toes are exposed, sometimes just the big toe or all five.


Very popular in the 70's, heel size varies, section under the toes makes a shoe a platform shoe.


Slip on shoe used for the summer months, upper features straps.

Sling Back

The strap which wraps around the rear of the leg makes a shoe a sling back.


The heal is razor thin and pointy. The heel is very high, uncomfortable and different to balance on.

Trainer (sneaker)

Shoe designed for sports activities, rubber shoe, upper made of canvas or leather.



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