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Adidas and FC Bayern Munich: a long term partnership

Adidas and FC Bayern Munich have a long standing partnership: due to Adidas having manufactured FC Bayern Munich's football kit for an extended period of time, and Adidas eventually purchasing 9.1% of FC Bayern Munich's shares (worth €77m) in 2002. Adidas are Germany's most popular sports brand and FC Bayern Munich are Germany's most successful football club; and arguably their most popular. FC Bayern Munich have won the German Championship twenty five times and have won the European Cup five times.

Allianz Arena, the clubs new stadium, located out of town, and made from the German World Cup hosting in 2008. FC Bayern Munich badge, slash crest, which is stiched on to the Adidas home and away kit for the team. Franz Beckenbauer, former player and manager of the club, and also the president in his later years.

Bayern is led mostly ran by a selection of former club players, chief amongst them: Franz Beckenbauer (pictured above), Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, and Uli Hoeneß. The club also has a supervisory board that includes the long standing Adidas CEO Herbert Hainer. Bayern were 100% owned by the club, the stocks being held in private hands, but they decided to sell 9.1% to Adidas to help finish their new stadium; named the Allianz Arena (shown above). Bayern also sold a 9.1% share to Audi in 2009 to help repay the additional loans they took to build the stadium.

Bayern have always focused on domestic rather than international popularity, branding and marketing. Therefore, Bayern have always favoured German sponsors, investment, owners and kit manufacturers. The close ties between Adidas and Bayern have also been cemented through Bayern's former president, manager, and player: Franz Beckenbauer (shown above). During his playing days Franz Beckenbauer signed a lucrative endorsement deal with Adidas; the first clothing ever produced by Adidas was a Franz Beckenbauer endorsed tracksuit. The Adidas Beckenbauer sneakers are an iconic heritage sneaker that are a part of Adidas' originals range.

In 2015, Adidas and Bayern agreed to lengthen their kit deal: Adidas will manufacture the FC Bayern Munich kit until 2030. The deal represents the second highest in history (£645m over ten years), and it is only dwarfed by Adidas' deal subsequent with Manchester United; that was signed in 2014 and is worth £100m more. Adidas and FC Bayern Munich's partnership will last until 2030, and due to Adidas' part ownership of FC Bayern Munich, it looks set to last for the foreseeable future.