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Do Adidas make bags and backpacks?

Yes they do, Adidas currently sell 290 bags on their official webstore. Adidas make a variety of bags, such as: backpacks, shape bags, studio bags, yoga bags, airliner bags, shopping / shopper bags, tote bags, gym bags, shoulder bags, handbags, bowling bags, disc bags, team bags, sacks, clutches, and bum bags. What should be clear is that Adidas make a large range of bags and there is usually an Adidas bag to fit most sporting and casual pursuits.

Adidas Sir Adicolo Bag, Adidas Festival Black and Adidas Shoulder Bag.

Adidas bags are fairly inexpensive, and, therefore, are generally designed for casual and sporting pursuits; Adidas do not make bags suitable for business purposes or suitcases for long distance travel. Adidas bags generally cost between £15-£40, but some of their more bespoke designs can cost in the region of £60-£70 (like the Adidas Airliner Tubular Case). Due to the inexpensive cost of Adidas bags, they tend to be manufactured from synthetic materials like Nylon and Polyester: not only are synthetic materials cheap, but they are durable, lightweight, and waterproof: all essential attributes of backpacks and sporting bags. Adidas do make some of their synthetic materials look and feel like leather and cotton, and some of their bags do feature a combination of cotton and polyester or leather and nylon etc. Adidas' bags are fairly basic in their design: they feature two compartments, a zip and a strap.