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  Q: Are Puma's classic retro trainers called Archive?

  A: updated (20/04/2012)

Yes, you are right: Puma refer to their classic trainers as their Archive shoes. Pictured below, the Puma TX-3 is one example of an Archive trainer, it's design is identical to it's 1980's incarnation.

Some of the classic Archive shoe currently on sale are listed below,

  1. Puma Mid Vulc Mix
  2. Puma TT Super CC
  3. Puma Lab Ii
  4. Puma Snake Clyde
  5. Puma Roma
  6. Puma Benecio
  7. Puma G Vilas
  8. Puma Limnos
  9. Puma California
  10. Puma Santos
  11. Puma Rio Racer
  12. Puma Street Jump Lo
  13. Puma Speeder
  14. Puma Grifter S
  15. Puma Blaze of Glory
  16. Puma Avanti
  17. Puma Clyde Script
  18. Puma 2nd Round Lo
  19. Puma 76 Runner Lux
  20. Puma V High Tops

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