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Q: Did Amer Sports buy the Solomon Group from Adidas?

AYes they did. Amer Sports purchased the Solomon Group for €485million in 2015, and put an end to the operation of the Adidas-Solomon Group. Amer Sports is a Finnish sportswear company that currently owns the following sports brands: Wilson, Suunto, Demarini, Atomic, Mavic, Arc’teryx and Precor. The Solomon Group was a sports equipment manufacturer, founded by François Salomon, that included brands such as: Taylormade Golf, Bonfire and Mavic. When Amer Sports purchased the Solomon Group from Adidas it did not include Taylormade Golf. After the purchase of the Solomon Group, Amer Sports was renamed to Amer Sports Corporation. The majority of the sports brands included within the Solomon Group sale produced outdoor / winter sports goods; this business segment currently contributes the highest amount of revenue to Amer Sports. It appears that the rationale for Adidas selling the Solomon Group was to fund the purchase of Reebok; which Adidas paid nearly $4billion for in 2005. Adidas were the most popular sportswear brand in the 1960's and 1970's, but it's sales fell far behind that of it's greatest rival, Nike, by 2005. The purchase of Reebok, aided by the sale of the Solomon Group, helped Adidas to close the gap between themselves and Nike.