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Adidas Beckenbauer Allround: sneaker released to honour Beckenbauer's retirement (1982)

The Adidas Beckenbauer Allround is a sneaker that was released to honour Franz Beckenbauer's retirement from playing football in 1982. Beckenbauer played for the following football clubs: FC Bayern Munich 1964–1977; New York Cosmos 1977–1980; and Hamburger SV 1980–1982. Beckenbauer also played for the West German national side: 1965–1977. Adidas have released a range of Beckenbaurer products: a tracksuit, football boot, and training shoe. The Beckenbauer Allround (displayed on the far right) was the last of these products to be released. The Beckenbauer Allround was released at the height of the 'casual' culture (UK) and became a popular sight on English football terraces. While the Beckenbauer Allround is not as popular as the Samba or Gazelle, the shoe is still in production, and has a loyal following.

Training shoe with the der kaiser printed on the side of the leather a pair of beckenbauer football boots, in classic black leather and three white stripes a pair of unisex beckenbauer sneakers, in classic black leather and printed with the footballers name on the side of the sneaker

The portrait of Beckenbauer, printed on the tongue of the allround snaker, and says "endorsed by".

While the Beckenbauer Allround is released in leather (shown above right in black leather), it's classically released in a coated suede upper with suede overlays. The Beckenbauer Allround features: a hard wearing rubber toe bumper; lace up fastening; perforated lining for keeping the foot cool; trefoil patterned rubber outsole; and "Beckenbauer Allround" printed in lettering at the end of the three stripes design. As with other Adidas sneakers, that are named after a sports personality, the tongue of the shoe features a portrait of the sportsman in question; in this case Franz Beckenbauer (shown above). The Adidas Beckenbauer Allround is usually sold for £65; however, it can vary in price from £45-85, depending on the version of the sneaker and whether the sneaker has been discounted.