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Adidas marketing: all in or nothing (#allin)

Adidas' social media campaign for the FIFA World Cup (Brazil) 2014 was named "all in or nothing" and used the hashtag #allin. The campaign was developed by We Are Social, and the video (below) explains the success of the campaign and why Adidas were the most talked about brand at the World Cup.

A new marketing video from adidas for the fifa brazil world cup.


Adidas received more tweets than McDonalds, Sony and Coca-Cola; the other major brands that sponsored the FIFA World Cup (Brazil) 2014. Adidas state that #allin got 967k mentions, 22% higher than any other brand. The tournament content published on Youtube received a combined total of 32 million views, with 246,000 new subscribers to their Youtube channel. Adidas state that this has made them the fastest growing brand on Youtube. Adidas finally state that they have 5.97 million new followers across all their social media platforms; they do not state how many followers they have in total or the time frame in which these followers were added. Marketing news websites generally came to a consensus that "Adidas beat Nike" at the FIFA World Cup (Brazil) 2014 in terms of global reach and brand awareness.