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  Q: What versions / types of Nike AIR are there?

  A: updated (26/04/2012)

Nike state that they first released their Nike Air cushioning system in 1979. The basic Nike Air technology is hidden within the midsole of the shoe. Alongside the basic Nike Air technology, the most well known additional version of Nike Air is Nike Air Max: which was released in 1987, and features the famous air capsule/bubble, which can be viewed within the shoe's midsole. What gets confusing is that there are countless versions of Nike Air Max. At present, Nike state there are four categories of Nike Air.

  1. Nike Air
  2. Nike Air Max
  3. Nike Zoom Air
  4. Nike Tuned Air

However, within each of these categories, there are additional versions of each. For, example, within Nike Air Max, there are the following versions,

  • Nike Air Max
    • Air Max 2
    • Air Max 360
    • Air Maxim
    • Air Max 24/7
The versions listed above are just for example purposes, there are far more versions of Nike Air Max than is listed above. For a thorough list of every type and version of Nike Air, you would have to contact Nike directly, as the list is extensive.

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