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  Q: What is adiPRENE for footwear?

  A: updated (08/03/2012)

AdiPRENE is a technological development of Adidas: AdiPRENE is located in the footbed/midsole of footwear, with the purpose of providing cushioning for the heel and forefoot. While adiPRENE has applications for sneakers, it is also found in casual footwear - such as Rockport's boots and shoes. To provide cushioning adiPRENE has a high degree of impact absorption - with claims it can absorb impacts of over 5 times a person's body weight. The majority of adiPRENE's impact protection is located in the heel, with a smaller amount in the forefoot. AdiPRENE claim the material found in the forefoot is more responsive, due to the need of providing an energised push off.


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