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Adidas ZX Racer: 80s casual running shoe

The Adidas ZX Racer is a running shoe that was released in the mid-1980's. The ZX series of middle/long distance running shoes were exceptionally popular in the 1980's, and included: ZX 400, ZX 500, ZX 700, ZX 750 and ZX 8000. A modern 'take' on the ZX shoes is the ZX Flux.

Adidas ZX Racer in a grey and red colourway, a classic 80s running shoe with suede overlay. Front angle of the ZX Racer, showing the laces and the nylon fabric upper. Showing the rear heel tab of the ZX Racer, in a black and white colourway.

All of the ZX shoes released in the 1980's have a similar design, however, the ZX Racer is a more basic example of a ZX shoe; I do not currently know it's release year, but judging by the shoe's no-frills design, it was probably released around 1983-1986. The ZX Racer has a nylon/suede upper that features the traditional three stripes and heel tab design. The colourway of the shoe is two-tone, as shown above, with two colourway example's shown: grey/red and white/black. The midsole of the shoe features EVA, an elastomeric polymer that cushions the foot and improves comfort for middle/long distance runs. The outersole of the ZX Racer is made from a 'grippy' rubber, with a patterned design that is intended to grip a range of surfaces: suitable for cross country rural running and urban road running. The ZX Racer is now a retro running shoe, marketed by Adidas as casualwear, rather than for running; there are far superior modern Adidas running shoes.