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Adidas by Yohji Yamamoto (Y-3): avant-garde footwear and sneakers

Adidas by Yohji Yamamoto is a range of avant-garde apparel, footwear and sneakers. Yohji Yamamoto is a Japanese fashion designer who has collaborated with a range of fashion houses and brands; such as: Hermes and Mikimoto. Yohji Yamamoto began his partnership with Adidas in 2002, and the partnership has continued to the present day (2015). One of the latest Adidas by Yohji Yamamoto designs is the third kit for Real Madrid (2014): the shirt is shown below (below,middle) and features a Japanese inspired screen printed artwork on the front and back panel.

Yohji Yamamoto, picture of the fashion designer at one of his fashion shows; sporting a black man's formal hat. Real Madrid third kit, with a Japanese dragon print. Yohji Yamamoto Adidas boxing boots designed in black canvas

Historically, Yohji Yamamoto has been inspired by the idea of designing men's clothes that look good on women. The inherent unisex design of Y-3 clothes and footwear has lent itself perfectly to a sporting goods brand; which tends to use identical designs for both men and women. Celebrities that have worn Yohji Yamamoto clothes include Elton John and the androgynous alternative rock band Placebo. The Yohji Yamamoto fashion line is sold at his flagship stores in Toyko, Paris and New York, and are also stocked by high-end department stores like Harvey Nichols and Selfridges. When commenting on the design of the Yohji Yamamoto F50 football boot (pictured below and released in 2003) Yohji Yamamoto had this to say: "My inspiration is ancient traditions and modern Japanese sci-fi culture. I hope the F50 boot gives the players extra confidence without any fear. Players should follow their own instinct.".

Yohji Yamamoto adizero f50 boot, a limited edition football boot that only 2000 pairs will be released globally. The front panel, showing the laces and upper of the f50.

The primary product line designed by Yohji Yamamoto is his Y's. The Adidas Y-3 fashion line made it's debut in 2003. The majority of Adidas Y-3 products tend to be high end sneakers; which cost in the region of £200. As would be expected of a Japanese fashion designer, the style, mosaics, and artwork printed onto Adidas Y-3 sneakers are distinctly Japanese. Some Adidas Y-3 sneakers that are currently for sale are as follows: Adidas Y3 Boxing Low Red; Adidas Y-3 Footwear Adidas Y-3 Honja Classic; Adidas Y3 Kazuhiri; Adidas Y-3 Tokio; Adidas Y3 Rhita Sport Orange Vapour Blue Cream; Adidas Y3 Toggle Boost; Adidas Y3 Rhita Sport White Silver; Adidas Y-3 x Y3 'Sly shandal'; Adidas Y-3 Lazelle Vapour Blue; Adidas Y-3 Floral Kohna; Adidas Y3 Laver Slip-on; Adidas Y3 Vern Ii White Snake; Adidas Y3 Y3 Sprint Leather; and Adidas Y-3 Black Boxing Multi Trainer.