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Made in Vietnam: do Adidas make trainers in Vietnam?

Yes they do; for example, the Adidas Hamburg trainer is manufactured in Vietnam. Adidas originally made all their trainers in Germany - in the small town of Herzogenaurach - but by the 1980's this was not becoming economically viable - due to cost of workers wages in Germany - and Adidas moved production to 'Far' East Asia. One of the countries in 'Far' East Asia that Adidas moved production to was Vietnam. Adidas tend to contract their production out to third party factories - rather than setup their own manufacturing plants - such as the Taiwanese-owned Pou Yuen factory in southern Ho Chi Minh City. The Pou Yuen factory manufactures Nike footwear as well as Adidas. Due to rising wages in Asia, there is the potential that Adidas will move production back to Europe. Plus, automation of production by robots is becoming a viable option; therefore, if production is moved back to Germany, it will probably be handled by robots rather than German citizens.