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Q: Unsolicited ideas submitted to Adidas: ideas, inventions, designs

A Adidas have stated clearly on the terms and conditions of their webstores - like, and - that they will not review or accept any unsolicited ideas related to Adidas' business. Adidas categorise unsolicited ideas as:

  1. Inventions
  2. Ideas
  3. Designs

It does not matter if the unsolicited idea is submitted as either a: text, image, sound, or IT software; it will not be accepted or reviewed by Adidas. The terms and conditions of Adidas' websites are mainly concerned with unsolicited ideas that are sent digitally, by either: email, telephone, materials on their website, or fax. Unsolicited ideas sent via the post will probably be discarded in the same manner as unsolicited sent digitally; however, the terms and conditions of Adidas' webstores do not specifically discuss postal submissions.

The definitive answer on unsolicited ideas is provided on the Adidas Group (AG) website ( The Adidas Group (AG) is the parent company of all the other Adidas regional/online companies and of Reebok etc. The Adidas Group (AG) sets policy and they state that: "Our policy is not to accept unsolicited submissions of designs, inventions or ideas from persons external to the adidas Group. We appreciate your interest in our company and seek your cooperation by asking you not to submit any ideas to adidas."