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Adidas Tubular: running shoe based on a 1980's prototype (2014)

The Adidas Tubular is a running shoe, released on the 21st of November 2014, that is based upon prototype designs of the 1980's. Nic Galway, VP of Global Designs for Adidas Originals, was tasked with creating a new shoe for the originals range of sneakers. Adidas Originals are the heritage line of Adidas sneakers - which includes the Gazelle and Stan Smith - therefore, a new sneaker for this line of products needs to incorporate aspects of Adidas sneakers designed from the 1950's to the 1980's.

Nic Galway has stated that the Tubular was not designed to be a 'run of the mill' retro sneaker, but, instead, would be something new and thought provoking. For design inspiration, Galway studied the Adidas archives for prototype sneakers that were never released; usually due to the lack of technology at the time, and, therefore,the expense of manufacturing the shoe. The Adidas Tubular is named after it's outsole, which can be viewed below, and has a tube tyre-like design.

the tubular sneaker, in a black upper and a white rubber outsole the outsole of the shoe which has tube and tyre design, with a hallow centre

One of the most technically difficult aspects of manufacturing the Tubular - and why it wasn't produced in the 1980's - is it's neoprene stretch upper: a one piece sock like material. The Tubular also has EVA midsole cushioning, but, unlike other Adidas sneakers, there is two separate EVA layer densities. The molded heel cage is, according to Nic Galway, inspired by the heel cage of the Adidas ZX Flux. The Adidas Tubular was originally released in four colourways and cost $110 on it's release. Since it's release, the Tubular has been releases a variety of elaborate and colourful colourways; such as: flower petals; bliss purple; Hawaiian camo lace; geometric pattern pack; and red seaweed camo.