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Adidas Trinidad & Tobago: surf red and core black suede upper

The Adidas Trinidad & Tobago is a sports shoe named in honour of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago; twin islands located off the South American mainland and bordering the Caribbean Sea. The Port of Spain is the capital city of Trinidad and Tobago. The petroleum industry, alongside tourism and manufacturing, has enabled Trinidad and Tobago to become one of the most developed and wealthiest nations of any island located near or in the Caribbean Sea. The flag of Trinidad & Tobago is red, black and white, but is mostly comprised of red and black.

Surf red and core black suede upper adidas trainer. Trainer named in honour of Trinidad & Tobago.

The shoes of the Adidas Island Series are periodically reissued: therefore, it is not always possible to purchase the shoes directly from the Adidas webstore, consumers may be forced to purchase the shoe from third party resellers who stock up on niche limited release trainers. Just as with the Adidas Jamaica - another member of the Island Series - the Adidas Trinidad & Tobago has an upper based upon the colours of the nations flag: which is red and black; although the 'surf red' of the trainer verges upon orange. The Island Series was designed as fashionwear rather than sportswear: therefore, the Adidas Trinidad & Tobago is a basic shoe - simple comprised of a suede upper and gum rubber outsole - that is built with style rather than comfort in mind.