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Adidas Trimm-Trab: general purpose exercise / keep fit sneaker (1975)

The Adidas Trimm-Trab is a general purpose exercise shoe that was released in 1975. The name itself, 'Trimm', is referring to 'keep yourself fit' or 'keep yourself trim'.

Trimm Trab shoe in grey and yellow colourway. The Trimm Trab lettering in silver, rather than gold. The rear of the Trimm Trab, showing the large midsole of the shoe.

The shoe is a fairly basic design, and is a predecessor to the Adidas Munchen shoe. Both the Trimm-Trab and the Munchen have a large midsole that provides excellent cushioning for indoor and outdoor training and exercise. The upper of the Trimm-Trab is made from suede, and the three stripes are made from leather. The words "TRIMM-TRAB" are printed at the end of the three stripes, and are usually printed in silver text. The inner lining of the shoe is made from textile and the shoe is fastened with laces placed through D-ring eyelets. The midsole of the Trimm-Trab is made from polyurethane.

Alongside the Adidas Gazelle and Adidas City Series, the Trimm-Trab was exceptionally popular in the UK in the late 1970's and early 1980's. The shoe has gained iconic status, and is often used in UK movies that portray 'casuals' and football hooligans of the early-mid 1980's. The alternative rock / britpop band, Blur, wrote a song titled 'Trimm-Trabb' that included the following lyrics: "I got no style, I'll take my time, All those losers on the piss again, I dose dose away. I've got Trimm-Trabb, Like the flash boys have, And I can't go back, Let it flow, let it flow, I sleep alone, I sleep alone".

The Adidas Trimm-Trab has been released in a vast range of colourways, but it usually conforms to a white midsole and two-tone upper; such as grey/yellow in the above pictures. The Trimm-Trab is not released on a continual basis by Adidas - unlike with shoes like the Samba - and this makes the shoe more sought after; the shoe has been listed on eBay for over £300.