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Adidas Tricolore: first official multi-coloured matchball

The Adidas Tricolore "Adidas Three Colours" is the first multi-coloured matchball (football) that was used at a FIFA World Cup: the 1998 FIFA World Cup that was hosted by France. The ball is named after the French Tricolore flag: the French Tricolore is the national flag of France, and features three blue, white, and red vertical bands. The French Tricolore is written as the Tricolour in English. The Tricolore flag was adopted by France on the 15th of February 1794: the colours of the Tricolore were worn by the Paris militia during the storming of the Bastille in 1789, and are symbolic of the French revolution.

The tricolore football was used at the french world cup in 1998, the tournament was won by French, with zidane being the star player. Another viewpoint of the Tricolore, situated on a stand, and showing the colours in a darker shade due to a lack of camera flash. The French Tricolour flag, which is flying above a large French country house, and it's colours were used in Adidas's world cup matchball in 1992.

The Adidas Tricolore matchball also incorporates the French cockerel into the trident mosaic design of the football. Combining the French cockerel and French Tricolore made the Adidas Tricolore matchball distinctively French, and followed on from the tradition set by the Adidas Azteca matchball: which used a Aztec inspired trident mosaic for the 1986 FIFA World Cup hosted by Mexico. The Adidas Tricolore has "Tricolore" and "Official Match Ball Of The FIFA World Cup 1998" printed onto it. Adidas have also printed the Adidas Performance logo onto the ball.

The Adidas Tricolore is the last time that Adidas used a trident design for one of it's World Cup matchballs. The original Adidas Tricolore was manufactured in Morocco and featured a lightweight foam layer in it's design: making it soft and fast. Although the colours of the Tricolore football (above, far left) appear purple, the colour should have been blue. Later editions of the ball were manufactured in Vietnam and Pakistan and the colours used in it's production did not replicate the blue used in the Moroccan version. The Adidas Tricolore is not currently manufactured by Adidas; the ball is therefore a collectors item and is sold online for considerable more than it's original retail price.

The Winners of the 1998 FIFA World Cup were France; with Zinedine Zidane starring for the French throughout the tournament. The 1998 FIFA World Cup was not without controversy: English football fans became embroiled in violent clashes with local youths in Marseille, and German fans were accused of assaulting a police officer in Lens.