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Adidas Top Ten: hi-top basketball sneaker used in the NBA (1979)

The Adidas Top Ten is a hi-top basketball sneaker that was used by leading NBA players from 1979-1983. The Adidas Top Ten is named "Top Ten" because it was worn and endorsed by the ten top professional basketball players in the NBA; of course, this claim was debatable amongst basketball fans. The tongue of the shoe prints this claim on it's label: "Endorsed by: Top Ten - Ten top Basketball pro's".

Some genuine top ten sneakers from the 1979-1984 era it was used in the NBA. The tongue of top ten, displaying the claim it is endorsed by the top pro players. The toe guard of the top ten, which has a suede overlay to protect from scuffs.

2015 version of the top ten, in green and white colourway The tongue label, which has been changed compared to the original label. The rear of the sneaker, with green and white leather upper, and the trefoil logo printed in green.

The original Adidas Top Ten was used in the NBA from 1979-1983, and was in continual production until 1984. One of the NBA stars who endorsed the sneaker was Richard Francis Dennis "Rick" Barry III: who played for the Houston Rockets in 1979. The Adidas Top Ten was a popular sneaker, and 'blew' the competition away in terms of comfort and performance. The Top Ten was replaced by the 'Adidas Forum' hi-top sneaker. The Adidas Top Ten has been re-released a number of times during the 2000's; the sneaker is now part of the Originals heritage range of sneakers and is purely marketed for casualwear. Images of the re-release version of the sneaker can be viewed above (white/green).

The upper of the Adidas Top Ten is made from full grain leather, and comes in a range of colourways; the traditional colourway for the Top Ten is: white / dark blue / red. The shoe features the classic three stripe design; however, the label of the re-released Top Ten has been redesigned. The shoe features perforated leather at the toe area and between the three stripes: the perforated leather is used to keep the foot cool and to combat sweat. The original Top Ten had a suede overlay for the toe guard - to protect against scuffs - but has been removed from the re-release; as the shoe is designed for casualwear. The rubber outsole has a herringbone pattern for grip.