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Adidas Tobacco: all-round suede sneaker (1978)

The Adidas Tobacco is an all-round suede sneaker that was released in 1978. The Adidas Tobacco is traditionally released in a dark brown / light brown suede upper (shown below); representing the natural colours of the dried tobacco plant. The suede upper of the Adidas Tobacco has not undergone additional brushing, sanding or chemically treatment for extra softness; the suede's rugged / ragged look is representing the feel / appearance of the tobacco plant. Likewise, the rubber midsole of the shoe has been molded with a grain to give it a similar tobacco appearance.

Shows a tobacco shoe in dark brown and light  brown suede. The rear of the tobacco shoe in dyed red suede. The front view of the tobacco shoe from adidas, used for all purposes.

Apart from the shoe's unique appearance, it is a fairly standard all-round (all purpose) Adidas sneaker: a flat rubber gum sole and suede upper. The shoe is notable for not including a tefoil logo; even though the shoe was released in 1978, long after the trefoil logo had been released and plastered on virtually every Adidas product. It is debatable whether the shoe would have been released in the modern era: due to the health implications of smoking and the banning of smoking in public places in some western countries.

However, due to it being released in 1978, the shoe is categorised as part of the Originals collection, and is periodically released by Adidas. The shoe is not as iconic as other Adidas all-round shoes, therefore, it is not released on a regular basis by Adidas. Even though the traditional colourway for the Adidas Tobacco is a two-tonal dark brown / light brown upper (above, left), it has been released in a range of other colourways; such as the single tonal deep red upper shown above. Some other colourways that the Adidas Tobacco has been released in are: Dark Navy and White Vapour; Light Orange and Dark Orange; Sky Blue and Dark Navy; Light Turquoise and Dark Turquoise.