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Q: Originals by The Farm Company: Adidas fashion collaboration

A 'Originals by The Farm Company' is a fashion collection that is a collaboration between Adidas and the Brazilian based fashion label The Farm Company. The prints designed by the The Farm Company are colourful, vibrant, flowery, psychedelic and tropical in equal measure; with a distinctive summer feel to them. The Farm Company incorporates a fresh-squeezed juice stand in many of their prints: which they state is inspired by the juice stands of Rio de Janeiro. The majority of the pieces in the 'Originals by The Farm Company' collection are designed for women. The first 'Originals by The Farm Company' collection was released in the spring-summer of 2014, which was followed up by a fall-winter collection of 2014, and has continued to the spring-summer collection of 2016. Some of the pieces currently found in the collection are the: ZX Flux ADV Smooth Slip-on Shoes; Bananas Supergirl Track Jacket; Classic Bananas Backpack; Superstar shoes; Stan Smith shoes; Bananas Flared Skirt; Bananas Bra Top; Jardineto Bra Top; Bananas Cropped Trefoil Tank Top; Firebird Track Pants; Confete Socks; Boyfriend Trefoil Tee and Court Vantage Mid Shoes.