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Q: Adidas Teamgeist: matchball released for the 2006 FIFA World Cup

A The Adidas Teamgeist - trademarked as the +Teamgeist - is a football that was released for the German 2006 FIFA World Cup. Adidas have provided matchballs for the FIFA World Cup since 1970; the iconic black/white segment Telstar was the first and most iconic of Adidas' World Cup matchballs. For decades the design of Adidas' World Cup matchballs adhered to a classic hexagon segment design. From 1970-2002 every Adidas FIFA World Cup ball featured thirty two segments, the Teamgeist did not adhere to this standard design: it only has fourteen segments. In previous Adidas World Cup matchballs the segments were stitched together, but the Teamgeist segments used a bonding technique to attach them together. The bonded segments of the Teamgeist ensured it had excellent protection against water absorption. Another improvement, according to Adidas, is that the Teamgeist was capable of traveling further, and helped players to score long distance goals. The downside, according to some of pundits who reported at the World Cup, was that the Teamgeist was unpredictable in flight.

The Teamgeist is a football that was launched for the German world cup, held in 2006 and won by Italy in a final versus France.

The Teamgeist was designed by Adidas and Molten Corporation; Molten Corporation is a Japanese company that specialises in developing sports technology. The official FIBA basketball has been designed by Molten Corporation, so it comes as no surprise that they have helped design footballs. Adidas continued to develop the Teamgeist after the 2006 World Cup, and released the Teamgeist 2 in 2007. Development ended soon after the release of the Teamgeist 2, and the ball does not currently appear to be sale in the UK..