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Adidas Tango: Durlast, River Plate, Espana, Mundial, Sevilla, Europa and Seoul

The Adidas Tango is a matchball that was originally developed for the 1978 FIFA World Cup; held in Argentina. The Tango has been released in a number of versions; depending upon the tournament in which it was designed for. The Adidas Tango - alongside the TELSTAR - is Adidas' only matchball that has been designed and re-released for multiple FIFA World Cups and international football tournaments; therefore, the TELSTAR and Tango are Adidas' most iconic matchballs. The following is a list of Adidas Tango tournament matchballs:

  1. Adidas Tango Durlast (1978 World Cup)
  2. Adidas Tango River Plate (1980 Euro Championship)
  3. Adidas Tango Espana (1982 World Cup)
  4. Adidas Tango Mundial (1984 Euro Championship)
  5. Adidas Tango Sevilla (1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games)
  6. Adidas Tango Europa (1988 Euro Championship)
  7. Adidas Tango Seoul (1988 Seoul Olympic Games)
  8. Adidas Tango 12 (2012 Euro Championship)

The tango was designed  for the 1978 world cup held in argentina; agrentina  beat holland in the world cup final. Durlast Matchball used at the 1980 Euro Championship football tournament. River Plate Matchball used at the 1982 World Cup, which was hosted by Spain, and was won by Italy. Espana

The Tango replaced the TELSTAR - used at the 1970 and 1974 World Cups - the TELSTAR and Tango are designed with hexagon (six sided) segments and a few pentagon (five sided) segments. While the TELSTAR had segments alternatively painted black or white, the Tango used a tridant design; the Tango tridant was later incorporated into the Azteca matchball for the 1986 FIFA World Cup.

The original Tango matchball - the Tango Durlast - was made from leather and had a durlast (high quality polyurethane) coating. While the Tango ball was always designed with a waterproof coating, it was not always effective: the ball sometimes needed to be replaced during matchplay, and the Tango did not perform anywhere near to the standard of modern Adidas matchballs.

The Tango is currently in production - unlike other Adidas FIFA World Cup matchballs - and has been released in a range of new versions: such as the Tango 12 and Tango Rosario. While the design of the modern Tango football is identical to the older balls, the materials and technology used in it's construction is different.